Lifestyle June 17, 2023

Summer Safety Tips for the Entire Family

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time for a refresher on safety tips for the summer season. Whether you are traveling or staying home, enjoying time with friends and family or having a quiet summer, these tips should help you stay safe!


Fireworks are great fun, but remember that they are still explosives. Only a responsible adult should handle fireworks, and they should follow all local laws, cautionary labels, and label instructions when using them.

Something else to consider is that alcohol and fireworks don’t mix. It’s not worth risking injury or fire. Wear eye protection and keep a bucket of water or even your garden hose close by. Keep spectators at a safe distance when lighting fireworks. Never, ever let kids play with fireworks.

The Summer Heat-

East Tennessee summers can be brutal, and if you’re not careful out there, you could end up in trouble. Make sure you and your family members are drinking enough water at all times.

If you’re going to be spending any significant amount of time outside, wear sunscreen and protective gear such as sunglasses, loose and light colors, and hats. Take the appropriate breaks in the shade.

Kids can get pretty wrapped up in their summer fun and ignore the effects of heat until it’s too late, so be extra vigilant when it comes to their water intake and time in the sun.

And don’t forget your furry friends. Pets need access to shade and cool water at all times. Don’t let them over do it while having fun at the park or while camping. Be aware of hot concrete surfaces which can burn little paws.

On The Water-

For most folks, going to the lake is a big part of summertime fun in East Tennessee. Keep some basic safety tips in mind to make sure you and your family stay safe on the water.

If you’re boating, everyone on board should have a properly fitting life jacket. It’s smart and it’s the law.

Sun reflected from the water’s surface and your boat’s deck can pose threat of sunburn and heat related injuries like heat stroke. Take the dangers of hot weather even more serious on the water. Never mix alcohol and boating. It’s not worth risking your life or someone else’s. Follow boating rules regarding speed and right of way. Don’t disturb other folks enjoying the river, too.

These are just some basic things to consider as you stay safe this summer. Now get out there and enjoy the season!